Barnwood Wall Build

Having lived in our first home for less than a month, we decided we wanted to do something special in what used to be the dining room. Like most things, we repurposed rooms in our house. What used to be the family room became our dining room, a kid play room became our office. We then decided to make the room that was previously a formal dining room into a quiet space to read, grade papers, and study for grad school. Inspired by countless hours of Fixer Upper, we knew we could do it. While we didn't ride the shiplap train, we definitely liked the look. Nick and I talked about different ideas and settled on making our own distressed wood in the style of the bar of one of our favorite Dayton breweries. Going through Lowe's and Home Depot proved that making wood look old was pricey and buying new wood that was made to look old was even more expensive. Disappointed but not defeated we ventured into one of our favorite antique malls and stumbled across a plethora of gorgeous barnwood at a much more reasonable price. Doing some quick math, we figured that there was an extra four square feet of boards (give or take) and purchased a bunch of boards (about $125). We rolled the cart out to the truck and hurried home to start making the wall of our dreams.

It was the night before Thanksgiving, and after dinner we donned our safety glasses and brought out the nail gun. The barnwood boards were cut with tongues and grooves which made it fun and easy to click together. We staggered the cuts so that the seams wouldn't line up, and clicked a board into place before using the nail gun to lock them in. The jig saw and band saw came in handy to cut out around the light switch, outlet, and vent.

We miraculously had just the right amount and we sat to contemplate the masterpiece we put together. "The Study" (how we refer to the room) is such a cozy quiet place, except for when we play a lively round of chess on our nuts and bolts chess set. It is also the best room in the house during the Christmas season with our tree that is two sizes too small and obnoxious train who's soul purpose is to entertain the dogs and the husband. 

This project is definitely one that I am most proud of. It really transformed the space and was a lot of fun to put together. I also hope the next owners like barnwood as much as we do because it isn't coming to come down very easily. Resale smeashale.

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