Making a Headboard!

When we first moved in together we were broke (still are broke....) and we bought one of the cheapest bedroom sets we could. It held up well, but we started feeling like our bedroom needed some of our up-cycle/re-purposed style. We moved our bedframe into the spare bedroom, and brought the basic bedframe into ours and started to brainstorm. There were conversations involving barnwood, some talk of corrugated steel, but then the random thought of "hey, what about a cool old door."

Cool old door it is. We headed down to Village Salvage in Waynesville, Ohio (great town, great store) with measurements of a queen size mattress and a mission. We found an antique door that was just a few inches too long, but we had the tools to make it fit. We tossed (gently placed) the door in the bed of the truck and headed to Lowes for some auxiliary pieces. Instead of hanging it on the wall, we figured that with the weight it would be pretty rough, so we decided to build legs for the door and attached them with dowels. Word of wisdom- if you don't have a doweling jig, go ahead and purchase yourself a doweling jig. We did after this project :)

We love the look of the old door above our bed and feel like it goes so well in our room with our style. We thought outside the box and get to sleep under our bright idea every night.

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