Teton Inspired End Table

One of our favorite places in the world is Grand Teton National Park. For a variety of reasons, this place has become one of our favorite places to travel to and we feel like it is always calling out name. Recently we needed a new end table for our study, and while I was piecing one together I realized that the Tetons were calling.

I've been dabbling in a little flux-core welding and had put together a set of table legs a few months ago, and picked up a basic round from the hardware store to throw on top, but in our study that features a barnwood wall and national park posters, there was somewhat of a missed opportunity. I broke out the wood burning kit to try something....

I took a scrap piece of wood and burned in three snow capped mountain peaks, inspired by the Tetons, snapped a picture, and sent it to my other half for approval. My design was enthusiastically approved and I moved over to the table top to burn it for real (no pressure). The design was burned in, then I stained the top, sealed it with poly, and mounted it on my experimental table legs. It's made the perfect addition to the study and we're really excited how this one came out.

Grand Tetons, National Park, end table, side table, DIY

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